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With November ending, Roebuck Staffing wanted to make sure we shared how thankful we truly are to have Jackie Perez from the Greenville office assisting us on our daily operations. We have had a busy season, and we could not have done it without her. Jackie has been with us for a short period of time, but has already made a great impact. Thank you for all of your hard work!



We hope you all had a safe and happy Thanksgiving!
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Employee of the Month: October 2016


Roebuck Staffing is proud to announce Mr. Shane Tyner as Employee of the Month from our Greenville office! Shane always gives 110% on every job he has ever done with us. He never turns down an assignment and has gotten nothing but great review from our clients! We are so lucky to have him as one of our employees! Thank you, Shane, for all of your hard work! It does not go unnoticed! CONGRATULATIONS & keep up the great work!!

If YOU would like to be the next employee of the month, please apply for our job openings at www.roebuckstaffing.com.

Employees of the Month: August 2016

(From left to right: Mr. Thirdson Cox from the Greenville office and Mr. Robert Sadler from the New Bern office)

Roebuck Staffing is happy to announce two employees of the month for August 2016! We want to give a huge congrats to Thirdson Cox out of the Greenville office and Robert Sadler out of the New Bern office. 

Thirdson Cox has been working with Roebuck Staffing since October 2013 and still going strong! He always has a smile on his face and is always so positive! He works hard, accepts any challenge, and is always on time. He is an exemplary employee. Congratulations, Thirdson! Keep up the great work!

Robert Sadler started working for Roebuck Staffing in April 2016, and in that short time, he has shown that he embodies what it means to be a leader, a team player and a role model of Roebuck Staffing’s core values. Thank you, Robert, for continuing to be a great asset to our company. We enjoy working with you!

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7 Reasons to Accept Short, Temporary Assignments

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Whether you are struggling to put food on the table or just want some extra spending cash, staffing agencies can be a great opportunity for work. Most people think “temp” agencies are the last resort for finding employment, but what many people don’t realize is staffing agencies can help get that dream you have always wanted. Here are 7 reasons to accept that short-term assignment.

  1. I choose you! Staffing agencies, including Roebuck Staffing, receive thousands of applications. If you were considered for an opening (big or small), you should be grateful! We understand it’s probably not your dream job, but we are trying to help you. We skipped over several hundred other candidates, but chose YOU! If we currently do not have a long-term assignment for you, but have a short-term one, we would rather offer it to you, than to choose somebody else and have you continue struggling to pay your bills with no income. Some money is better than none. Am I right?
  2. Prove it! These temporary assignments are great “interviews”. This is your time to shine and prove your work ethic. This will prove that you are worth considering for longer assignments, even permanent positions. Clients want employees who can show up on time each and every day, come prepared, and work hard throughout the shift.
  3. What are they thinking? You never know what the supervisors are thinking while on the jobsite. Just because this is a short assignment, does not mean they don’t have other openings that they are working on to fill. If they see your great work ethic, they may have an opening for you, or even MAKE a position for you if they know they cannot let such a great employee slip through their fingers!
  4. We want you back! If the client liked your work ethic on the last assignment, they are bound to ask for you, specifically, again in the future! Why? Because you already have the basic knowledge on how the company operates, what tasks need to be completed, and did a great job on the last assignment.
  5. Know somebody who knows somebody! Especially in the construction industry, several companies work with each other at the same jobsites. So, if you work a short assignment with one company, the supervisors may know that a similar company is looking for somebody with your skills and experience. This, of course, can lead to more work, hopefully full-time with benefits! Who doesn’t want that?
  6. Ch-ch-ch-changes! David Bowie reference… anybody? … no? .. okay. moving on. Several of our current employees at Roebuck Staffing have stated to us that they love having short assignments rather than one full-time job like everyone else. They like to experience new things, and not have to sit at the same job day after day, which can get very boring. Not everybody hates change.
  7. Update that resume! By going on short assignments, you are bound to learn some new skills. These skills can then be added to your resume, which in turn can lead to new employment.

So, now you know that not all short-term assignments are bad and are not just a waste of time. This is an extremely easy way for several other job opportunities to come up, but only if you look at it from a positive perspective. If you only look at the negatives, it will be much more difficult for you to find that dream job you have always wanted.

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Employee of the Month: May 2016

NB Emp Month June 2016

We are excited to announce that Kareem Johnson is Roebuck Staffing’s first employee of the month for our New Bern, NC office.  Kareem has been an employee with us for just a few short months and has already proved himself to be a stellar employee. He has attended the Flagging Class and was certified and worked as a flagger among several other jobs. Kareem has always been extremely diligent when it comes to work.

Kareem, thank you for being an outstanding employee, we appreciate all your hard work!

We asked Kareem a few questions to get to know him just a little bit more:

What town do you live in?
New Bern, NC

What do you enjoy most about working for Roebuck Staffing?
Their staff. They are very nice people!

What tips do you have for job seekers that you have benefited from?
Apply, stay consistent, and always be prepared to work. You will meet great people and have a great work experience.

What are your goals?
Start my own trucking company

If you would like to have a chance at becoming Roebuck Staffing’s Employee of the Month, you can visit our website at http://www.roebuckstaffing.com to apply for our openings.

Meet the Staff: Sandy Inestroza


Last week we started our “Meet Our Staff” blog series. If you missed it, click here to see our first post. Today, we have our Senior Recruiter, Sandy Inestroza at our Greenville, NC office.

Tell us about yourself.
I am Hispanic American and I am 25 years old. I was born in Los Angeles, California but was raised in the small town of Teachey, North Carolina. I am engaged to be married next year, 2016. I sing in my church’s worship team and I am also a Sunday school teacher for kids ages 3 and up. I have an identical twin and I am five minutes older (I constantly remind her lol). I consider myself a very loving and compassionate person. I am the “baby” of Roebuck Staffing (the youngest).

What did you do before working at Roebuck Staffing?
Before working at Roebuck, I worked at another staffing agency in Wilson, but decided to look for employment closer to home. I also worked with an attorney for a little over a year. And right after high school, I began working as a HR assistant in a poultry plant.

What is your favorite…?
The Boy with the Striped Pajamas and A Walk to Remember (I am definitely a Nicholas Sparks fan) 
Music Genre:
Worship Music (It uplifts my spirit!)
TV Show:
Jane by Design, The Mindy Project, New Girl, and Friends
Not really into sports
Pink and Blue (I am really a girly girl)
Range Rover
Definitely Chicken Alfredo with broccoli (love it!)

What do you like most about working at Roebuck Staffing?
What I like the most is being able to help people. It is hard at times to find jobs and it makes me happy that we can help! I also like my coworkers!! They make it easy to wake up and come to work! We all get along great!

How important is the resume in the job application process?
A resume is highly important. In order to apply with us you must have a resume. Primarily, because our clients request it. But also, we like to look at all of your experience so we can place you accordingly. If you have electrical experience from 4 years ago but all your current experience is manufacturing, then we could possibly use you for an electrical position if we don’t have anything in manufacturing. It increases your possibility of employment.

What do you look for in a candidate?
I look for people with a positive attitude who come prepared!!

What tips would you suggest for a candidate to prepare for an interview?
– Arrive 10 or 15 minutes early (You want to make sure you can find the address. Please don’t arrive 3 hours earlier and not call. Being way too early and way too late can be conflicting for whoever is interviewing you)
– Please do not bring any kids with you to the interview. It makes your employer think you won’t be able to find a babysitter if you actually get the job.
– Come prepared with a resume (Most employers require it so they can see your past job history. Make sure to be detailed. It never hurts!)
– Dress appropriately!! This is a must! PJ’S and saggy pants are definitely a NO-NO!
– Greet your interviewer with a firm handshake and look them in the eye!
– NEVER text or play with your phone while being interviewed. It is disrespectful and it definitely makes your employer feel like you are not interested or fit for the job.

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