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Employee of the Month: May 2016

NB Emp Month June 2016

We are excited to announce that Kareem Johnson is Roebuck Staffing’s first employee of the month for our New Bern, NC office.  Kareem has been an employee with us for just a few short months and has already proved himself to be a stellar employee. He has attended the Flagging Class and was certified and worked as a flagger among several other jobs. Kareem has always been extremely diligent when it comes to work.

Kareem, thank you for being an outstanding employee, we appreciate all your hard work!

We asked Kareem a few questions to get to know him just a little bit more:

What town do you live in?
New Bern, NC

What do you enjoy most about working for Roebuck Staffing?
Their staff. They are very nice people!

What tips do you have for job seekers that you have benefited from?
Apply, stay consistent, and always be prepared to work. You will meet great people and have a great work experience.

What are your goals?
Start my own trucking company

If you would like to have a chance at becoming Roebuck Staffing’s Employee of the Month, you can visit our website at http://www.roebuckstaffing.com to apply for our openings.


Safety… Shmafety

In 2014, there were 4,679 workers killed on the job, 20% of those in construction. That’s almost 90 a week or more than 13 deaths every day!

A lot of people look the other way when it comes to safety. They may think “Well, I already knew that. That’s common sense” or “I’ve been doing this for years. There’s no way it would happen to me.” But, just like driving a car, most accidents happen within seconds of taking focus off of what you are doing.

It’s extremely important to follow all safety rules when you are working. Safety doesn’t take lunch breaks. You don’t want to be like the guys shown below:

Take a look at this infographic we found below about construction-related injuries and deaths in 2012 and how to avoid accidents:

infographic 2

Roebuck Staffing Co.’s main goal is to make sure all of our employees always have safety on their minds. If there is something you are unsure of, ask! If you see something isn’t right, report it. It could cost you your life!

Roebuck Staffing Co. specializes in North Carolina private sector business. We have employees ready to work in the areas of Construction, Manufacturing, Clerical/Administrative, Restoration/Janitorial, and Housekeeping.

If you are looking for employment or are an employer looking to fill a position, please visit http://www.roebuckstaffing.com.



Is Your Hardhat Enough? Safety and Injury on Construction Sites


Steps to Landing the Right Job

We all have dreams and aspirations and that’s an amazing thing that one should never loose. However, there comes a time where we must be honest about our abilities not only with others but ourselves as well. We have to look within ourselves and see our ability and pick a realistic way to reach our next goal. This is important in job seeking because it helps you seek the next employment step as well as save time and energy while finding your next position. 

When applying for a job within a company that you are extremely under qualified for shows that you may have a lack of work ethic. This impression can hurt you if you ever decide to apply for a job that you are qualified for. Many positions especially in large corporations offer the opportunity for growth, so putting your name in a bad light will make you remembered in the wrong way. If a job posting says you need 5 years of experience in Human Resources than if you have only had basic clerical experience this is not the job for you to apply for. Employers post these requirements because they have reasoning behind these specific needs. If you need 5 years Human Resources experience it is most likely because they do not have time to train you in the basics, they need someone to be able to handle multiple job duties that go above the basic HR skills.If your interested in a position that you think you could be qualified for, ask the employer what they are looking for they are typically happy to answer your questions.

Its better to apply for something in your realm of expertise which will make the job seeking process much easier for you and the employer. If you dream of being a CEO of a top company one day don’t let your current qualifications stop you, enroll in classes in that field or take a starter position at the company. If you work hard and try to improve your resume to make your qualifications fit that of your dream job you can achieve it.

I have been in the position where my dreams seemed larger than I was able to grasp. I wanted to work in the legal field however I was fresh out of undergrad with a Political Science degree with no experience in the legal field. So I took this as an opportunity to seek an avenue to achieve my dreams. I took a job as a waitress to pay the bills and volunteered my time working for a local Law Office. Not only did I network while working at the local restaurant and pub but in my spare time learned valuable skills and developed a love for the legal field. Now I am working at a Staffing Agency thanks to my connections made at the restaurant and experience in the clerical field gained from school and working for the local law office. The Staffing Agency allows me to develop my skills in the clerical field and in the mean time I am studying and saving up for my next career moves. I know that my dream job will not be handed to me on a silver platter however I am willing to put in the hard work it takes to get me there. Keep that in mind that every job, every internship if faced with the right attitude will lead to opportunities.