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Meet the Staff: Heather Gesner

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This week, we have Miss Heather Gesner, our Recruiter/Administrative Assistant at our New Bern, NC office. Keep reading to learn more about her and to see just how important a resume truly is.

Tell us about yourself.
I am 28 years old and I grew up in the small state of Connecticut. I have lived in several different states, but I find NC to be one of my favorites. The environment along with the people make it a great place. I love living so close to the beach. I enjoy cooking and trying new food, and I have a love for animals, especially dogs. My hobbies include working out and trying to stay fit, classic cars and bikes and enjoying a good movie.

What did you do before working at Roebuck Staffing?
Before Roebuck Staffing I was living in Bakersfield, CA where I shortly worked at another staffing agency as a recruiter. Prior to that, I worked at a dental office as a Hygiene Coordinator.

What is your favorite…?
Movie: Crazy, Stupid, Love and The Wolf of Wall Street
Music Genre: Everything
TV Show: The Americans
Sport:  N/A
Color:  Green
Car:  70 Chevelle SS
Food:  Loaded Nachos
Beverage: Lemonade

What do you like most about working at Roebuck Staffing?
I love all my coworkers here at Roebuck Staffing. We are such a great team. I also love being able to help people find employment in such a tough economy.

How important is the resume and cover letter in the job application process?
It is essential that you have a good, solid resume when you’re actively looking for work. Keep in mind, most of the time the employer does not get a chance to meet and speak with you. So, the only way you have to sell yourself is your resume. I see a lot of candidates who have the skills and drive to do the job they are applying to, but unfortunately it is not written down on paper, which is crucial in the selection process. Not having a resume often comes across as a lack of ambition to employers. The ones who put forth the effort ultimately stand out. If you are someone who needs help building a resume, you can always visit NC Works and they will help you create one.

What do you look for in a candidate?
I look for someone who has the drive and want to work. Someone who puts forth effort and does whatever is necessary to obtain employment. I always tell people who are looking for a job to make sure you are well-groomed, personable and that you have an updated resume. 

What tips would you suggest for a candidate to prepare for an interview?
Come dressed to impress. Make sure you are groomed. Relax and be yourself. As redundant as this sounds make sure you have an updated resume!

What resources would you recommend to applicants?
I would recommend getting as many resumes and applications out there. When you’re unemployed, typically you should be spending just about the same amount of time on finding a job as you would be putting into a 40-hour work week. I recommend, Career Builder, Indeed, LinkedIn, and Craigslist just to name a few. Also, attending local job fairs is beneficial, as well.

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